Monday, April 22, 2013

Nest Building

Nest Building
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Bird behavior fascinates me. Black-capped Chickadees have such personality. I was watching a pair flying back and forth with something in their beaks when flying away from this hole in a tree. Turns out they were carting away wood chips and scattering them some distance from the nest. Very industrious fellows.

Chickadee building a nest

Flying back to the nest.

Fuch's Pond

Fuch's Pond Preserve in Northport, NY. This is where I found my chickadees.  A hidden jewel for birders it is said.  There was an egret fishing in the far end of the pond and I did see two other birds I normally don't see plus a red-tail hawk flying overhead.  I'll be back to this place.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Little Chickadee

My Little Chickadee
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I've been really neglecting my blog again. This is the place for me to be creative, to show my art and photos and also to share some thoughts.

So here we are starting a new year. What will it bring? 2012 ended on quite a downer with Superstorm Sandy, the shootings in Connecticut, and.... Enough! There is so much to be thankful for. God brought me through the storm with minimal damage and some inconvenience. God is good. He provides. He brings us through. I've been thinking on what 2013 resolutions I should make. I thought this year I should think on a word for the year. What should that word be? After some thought, it came to me. My 2013 word will be .......FOCUS.....
Focus on God first and foremost. The rest are in no particular order.
Focus on my photography (focus, get it?) ;-)
Focus on my art.
Focus on my health.
These are all things that are usually part of my resolutions and I have been working on them but I am wanting them to be more ingrained into my psyche. To be more of who I am and make me a better me. Make sense? FOCUS